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選ばれる理由 01

The reasons to be chosen 01 機能

① Latex mattress is highly resilient that can balance the body weight, ensuring a good quality of sleep.

② Besides the high resilience, Latex also absorbs the impact of significant movement, giving a personalized support.

③ Latex has natural vegetable protein component which is resistant to dust mites and bacteria.

The reasons to be chosen 02 構造

① Latex products have numerous pinholes created by western continuous foam technology. They are designed to disperse body moisture and heat, thus promote excellent fresh air ventilation.

② Latex unique composition improves the quality of sleep which helps to relieve exhaustion, stress, neck and back pain, ensuring a pleasant sleep.

③ High-resilience and well body support is ideal for both face up sleeping and side sleeping. The whole body contours will naturally mold into the mattress that helps you to sleep with a correct spinal alignment and sleeping position thus can relieve oppression of the respiratory and minimize snoring.

The reasons to be chosen 03 素材

① Made of 100% natural Latex sap from rubber trees

Products List


Latex mattress are high resilient that help to relieve the tension of neck, providing a sound and deep sleep. Latex mattress also can reduce the number of turning over during sleeping, improve blood circulation, quickly recover from physical exhaustion.


Ideal for yoga accessories. Place back can stretch the back muscles, relaxing the whole body. Also can be used as foot free pillow. Recommend for people who suffers from military neck or gastroptosis.


Offering a lasting support and comfort while sitting. Shape remains the same. Feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Ideal for car, home and office uses.


Designed according to support the body shape. Prevent snoring and stiff neck. High resilient, relieve neck tension during sleeping. Ideal for face up sleeping and side sleeping.